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Always Better Concrete

ABC Redi-Mix and Wichita Sand and Gravel Co. are the premier concrete placement for the Wichita Falls area. We believe that no job is too small or too large.
We do specialize in commercial projects and, with our quality concrete, can build:
  •  Foundations and Walls
  •  Retaining Walls
  •  Roadways
Although we do small home projects, our business is geared toward large industrial commercial work. There are several concerns that a large project needs to address:
  • Is A.B.C. Redi-Mix big enough to handle my job and keep up with production?
  • Are they capable of producing good quality concrete that meets all job specifications?
  • What similar projects have they done which would indicate they are what I need?
The answer of course is  YES  to all of the above. Following are some pictures of the Wichita Falls Water Treatment Plant and the huge container we supplied the concrete. Water treatment plants demand a technical type of concrete and A.B.C. Redi-Mix is able to produce such concrete assuring you of our professional grade operation and the capability of supplying high-grade concrete. Visit our News page to check out our other success stories.


Waste Water Treatment

Watse Water Treatment2
Watse Water Treatment
Waste Water Treatment 3

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